Let's face it, drunk people are pretty annoying — this bar in Brooklyn bar realizes that just like the rest of us and they're doing something about it. Like raising their drinking age on weekends to keep the youngest annoying drunks away.

Neighbors have been complaining about bar patrons from Phil’s Crummy Corner leaving empties in their planters and screaming in the streets until 4 a.m.  So now the joint will no longer admit drinkers younger than 25 after 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, a plan they referred to as becoming a “quiet family place” (instead of a combination sports bar/Latin American restaurant, which is what Yelp calls it). Phil’s Crummy Corner is even hiring a bouncer to keep those young’uns out, too.

Would you be "for" or "against" something like this at your favorite club/bar?