It's a BOLD move to publicly declare yourself "SEXY."  You've got to be pretty damn sexy to get away with that.  And this woman thinks she is.



Shelia Ranea Crabtree of Pataskala, in central Ohio, is going in front of a judge in less than two weeks to try to LEGALLY CHANGE HER NAME to "Sexy."



She says she's always hated the name "Shelia" because, quote, "I think it's really ugly."  She goes by Ranea . . . but now she wants to go by Sexy.  Quote, "I wear Victoria's Secret clothes all the time.  I was like, 'Shoot, I'll just go for Sexy.'"



She wouldn't tell reporters her age, but she's a mother of two teenage girls . . . and looks to be in her late 30s or early 40s.



The probate court judge she's going in front of is named Robert Hoover, and he has a history of being tough on extreme name changes.



In recent cases, he denied a man who wanted to change his name to "Tasmanian Devil" . . . but did let him change it to Taz.  He also denied a woman who rode a horse to court and wanted to change her name to "Jesus Christ Lord and Savior."



Shelia says she has a backup plan if the judge rejects Sexy.  Quote, "Then I might go for 'Sparkle.'" 



(Columbus Dispatch