In 2009, a 22-year-old woman named Chelsea Clair went to a car show near Indianapolis, where she met 19-year-old Kyle Froelich.



At the time, Kyle's kidneys were failing, and the car show was to raise money for treatment.  Chelsea and Kyle had never met before, but she'd heard about him through a mutual friend.  And on the spot, she offered to give him one of HER kidneys.



Now, Kyle had already had offers from a bunch of friends and family members, but none of them were matches.  So he wasn't too hopeful.  But Chelsea followed through, got tested, and WAS a match.



Then even after her mom desperately tried to talk her out of it, Chelsea had surgery six months later, and the transplant was a success.



We're telling you all this because Kyle and Chelsea officially started DATING after he recovered.  And earlier this month, they got MARRIED.



In an interview with the "Indianapolis Star" newspaper, Kyle said it's hard to explain the kind of bond they have now, adding that she's his "best friend."



And Chelsea joked that she HAD to marry him.  Because, quote, "I have to make sure he takes care of that [kidney]." 



(IndyStar / Associated Press)