23-year-old Michaela Hutchings of Lichfield, England was taking out cash for groceries last April, when she noticed her bank balance was about $89,000 HIGHER than it was supposed to be.



So naturally . . . she started spending it like crazy.  Within 48 hours she spent $14,000 on designer clothes, shoes, and purses . . . paid off some fines . . . gave her mother $1,700 . . . and moved everything left over into savings.



But it turns out the city council had accidentally deposited the money into her account . . . it was supposed to go to low-income housing, and Michaela was getting government assistance.



And now she says she's being forced to pay back the money because . . . she's SO ATTRACTIVE.



She was in court last month, and pled guilty to dishonestly retaining a wrongful credit.  The maximum sentence is 10 years in prison, but she just got 12 months of community service and has to pay it all back . . . which did NOT make her happy.



She says, quote, "I pleaded guilty but the only person guilty is the person who put the money in my account . . . they're punishing me because of the way I look.  If I wasn't much to look at . . . I reckon I'd have got a slap on the wrist." 



(Daily Mail / Birmingham Mail