This guy is a candidate for the world's LEAST SELF-AWARE person.



A multimillionaire from London who's in his 70s was in divorce court this week.  His ex-wife who's in her 50s was going after him for a divorce settlement . . . and she was going after it ANGRILY.  Here's why.



About five years ago, the guy DUMPED her for a woman in her 20s . . . in other words, a woman 30 years younger than his wife.  And he had the new woman move into the house.



But he told his wife he didn't want HER to leave . . . he wanted her to stay in his home as a MAID.



In court, he said he couldn't understand why that upset her so much.



A judge just ruled in her favor and awarded her nearly half of his money . . . about $10 MILLION. 



(London 24)