There are SO MANY BETTER WAYS to raise money for legal expenses than what this woman did.  Don't people host bake sales any more?



24-year-old Leeanna Brown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky was arrested last week for trying to raise money for her legal bills by . . . SELLING HER NEWBORN BABY DAUGHTER.



According to the police, she made a deal with her cousin to sell her the newborn baby for $5,000.  Brown needed the money to pay some legal fees after being arrested this summer for first-degree possession of a controlled substance.



After the deal fell through, Brown ended up giving the baby to her cousin, Luonda Martin.  She promised Luonda custody of the girl . . . but then showed up last week and wanted her baby back because she'd found another buyer.



Luonda went to the cops, and Brown was arrested for child endangerment.



(New York Daily News