Back on November 21st, 23-year-old Matthew Webb and his 24-year-old friend Audrey Mayo were hanging out on a rooftop in LaFayette, Georgia, when they saw some deer run by.



So Matthew grabbed his RIFLE and went looking for them. Audrey stayed behind, but at some point she thought she heard Matthew shouting her name.  So she walked into the woods to look for him, and he ended up accidentally SHOOTING HER.



And she wasn't just grazed by the bullet.  He shot her in the right KNEE, thinking she was a deer, and she almost bled out.  Luckily, she survived.  And when she woke up in the hospital several days later, Matthew was right there next to her.



Now, you'd expect Audrey to be pissed about the whole shattered knee thing.  But instead, they started DATING.



Matthew is facing legal trouble . . . because he admitted he was on DRUGS when it happened . . . but he recently moved into Audrey's mom's house to help take care of Audrey while she recovers.



Meanwhile, she and her family say they don't blame Matthew, because it was an accident.  And instead, they're trying to see the HUMOR in it.