We've got the results here from a major new survey on the state of dating in 2014.  And if you're married and you miss single life . . . it sounds like a lot of work.  Here are five of the highlights . . .



1.  21% of people say they consult with their PETS before seriously dating someone.  Only 28% consult with their friends . . . which means charming someone's DOG is almost as important as charming their friends.



2.  The worst FOOD to eat on a first date is . . . GARLIC BREAD, with 37% of the vote.  Wings came in second, at 23% . . . spaghetti is third, at 13%.



3.  73% of people say if your date has food stuck in their teeth, you should tell them, by saying how YOU'D want THEM to tell you if the roles were reversed.



4.  BAD HYGIENE is the biggest deal breaker on a date.  Smoking and unemployment are the next two biggest deal breakers.



5.  11% of people would end things with you over different political views . . . 9% would end things because you like different foods . . . 6% would end things over different taste in music . . . and 3% would end things over favorite sports teams. 



(Huffington Post / State of Dating in America)