Yup that iPhone of yours has more advanced technology than the spaceship that took astronauts straight to the moooooon, but sometimes you should cut all communications with the rest of this planet. Here are 10 texting MISTAKES!

1. It’s 3 a.m. and the words “I miss you” appear anywhere.

2. There is a picture of your junk attached and she has not explicitly asked for it.

3. The recipient’s name includes the words “Psycho,” “Do Not Call” or “Sarah Tinder.”

4. You have to text with one hand because the other is holding your eye open.

5. Your stupid iPhone keeps typing “gryhsajjyy” instead of “U wanna come over?”

6. You’ve decided to multitask by firing off a work text/sext in the same message.

7. It’s unclear whether your phone is wet with tears or toilet water. Could be both.

8. You’re having a hard time composing this message because you keep getting distracted by people asking if you’re OK.

9. You think “Ur sexy” is a perfectly acceptable way to start a group message.

10. There must be some problem with the cell towers, because you haven’t received her response to your last seven texts.