( Middletown ) Police found a woman named Shelia Francis lying on the sidewalk late Tuesday near 3100 Elman Ct. suffering from serious wounds to the torso area.  

Officers charged Joseph Pate, who was found inside his apartment at 3100 Elman Ct., covered in blood. Pate also had cuts on his chest which were determined to be self-inflicted. Pate was charged with Felonious Assault for using a knife to stab Francis, Assured Clear Distance Ahead and Fleeing the Scene of a crash.  The traffic charges come from an earlier car crash in which Pate caused the crash and fled the scene. 

Pate was transported to Atrium Medical Center for treatment and then later sent to the Middletown City Jail. Pate appeared in Middletown Court this morning. 

Francis was transported to the Atrium Medical Center.