UPDATE 6/27: Police have released the full list of suspects in the yearlong drug crackdown in Wilmington. 

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( Wilmington, Ohio ) - Investigators say heroin overdoses are up more than 600% in the last year and a half in Wilmington, and police have now finished a major drug investigation.

A total of 72 people are facing charges related to a heroin ring that ran from Wilmington to Dayton, Ohio. Nearly a kilo of cocaine, 80 grams of heroin, 132 grams of meth, and about 5 kilos of marijuana were all seized. Police say they also recovered guns and cash from the suspects.

Another part of the investigation involved welfare fraud. Some of the suspects were allegedly selling food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar in trade for drugs. 

More details are expected to be released in a news conference on Friday morning.