( Cold Spring, Kentucky ) - Police say the search for a suspect in a deadly hit and run is now an investigation across the ocean.

On October 8, 37-year-old Lenny Shay was found dead, laying on the side of Alexandria Pike near the AA Highway. Investigators found that the suspect was driving a gray Toyota, and they started circulating as much information as possible, asking for help.

On October 16, police were tipped off about a person who drives a gray Toyota and hadn't been to work since the 8th. Police checked out the home of 30-year-old Vanna Nay of Fairfield, finding the house empty. A search warrant found a gray 2003 Toyota Camry with front-end damage in the garage.

Further investigation found that Nay was an illegal immigrant and was already going through the deportation process. He apparently fled to South Korea the day after the crash.

Police have issued a warrant for Nay on reckless homicide, leaving the scene, and failure to render aid charges.