(Cincinnati)--The custom headstone of Army Corporal Kimberly Walker, 28, was designed by a family friend to resemble Kimberly's favorite cartoon character SpongeBob Square Pants.

Now the 6'8 inch tall 7,000 lb granite headstone erected at Spring Grove Cemetery on Oct. 10, has been removed along with a twin headstone for Kimberly's living twin sister Kara, by the cemetery after someone allegedly complained.

Kara Walker, Kimberly's twin sister spoke to 700 WLW's Scott Sloane Tuesday about why the family chose to design the custom piece.

"To put up a SpongeBob (headstone) the thing that she loved more than anything, because everywhere she went she had SpongeBob there, whether it was her TV, her pajamas, her shower curtain, her speakers, even to the fact in her casket there was a SpongeBob pillow that went under her head."

Kara said the cemetery erected the headstones and the next day she received a phone call from Spring Grove, that basically said the headstones needed to be removed "effective immediately".

"they pretty much told us that they did not want a cartoon character in their cemetery, so thats why they want them to be removed."

While in the service Kimberly Walker was assigned to the 2nd General Support Aviation Battalion and in 2006 and 2010 she served two year-long tours in Iraq as a petroleum supply specialist.

On Valentines Day last February, Walker was found strangled and beaten to death in a hotel room in Colorado Springs, her boyfriend, an Army sergeant, was charged in her death.

Kara believed the headstones captured her sisters personality "The headstones brought life to the cemetery, instead of people wanna visit her and being sad, they can go there and celebrate her life with her, and celebrate her life with lovin SpongeBob and see all the things she loved, and just bring back all the great memories instead of going there and being sad that they have to visit her there."

The Walker Family is upset with Spring Grove that the headstones were removed with out their knowledge. "they explained to us the lady made a mistake, that it was never supposed to be built."

 Kara said the family had " sat down months in advance, months ago, everyone in the cemetery knew those headstones were coming there, and for you to tell us after we waited eight months for you to put something up, that your gonna just take it away from us."

Spring Grove Cemetery said they planed to meet with the Walker family Tuesday afternoon.