(Cincinnati)-- Opponents of the bans on same-sex marriage in several states rallied outside the Federal Courthouse, as judges began to hear arguments to uphold the bans.  The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing arguments from four states, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee.

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Shannon Collins from Indepdence, had to go to Massachusetts to get married, because her state doesn't recognize same sex marriages.  Collins says public opinion has changed since voters prohibited same sex marriages, but since she's not confident enough people would turn out for another referendum, she's hoping the lower courts' ruling overturning bans are upheld.

Many of the opponents of the bans say they would support another vote, but, they're happy the issue is in the court system.  Kristina Fisher of Columbus planned to participate in the committment ceremony at Fountain Square, with her partner.  She says no-one should have the power to vote over who she marries.

Jon Bradford from Covington says marriage would allow him to share in tax breaks, and insurance benefits, as well as having his and his partner's name on birth and death certificates.

 A man who identified himself as Chuck Smith from Fayetteville says he didn't think "God made two men to sleep together", and questioned the "morals and ethics" of the rally.