(Cincinnati) Cincinnati Councilmember Amy Murray said as head of the Major Transportation and Regional Cooperational Committee, she's making sure further plans for the streetcar are transparent.

"I want to make sure it's on time, on budget, and that we find a way to cover operating cost so we're not using tax payer dollars," Murray said speaking on 700WLW on Sunday. 

Councilmember Murray spent the weekend in Portland, Oregon speaking with city leaders there on how they managed to make their streetcar one of the most successful in the country. She said one reason Portland's streetcar project has been so successful is that it was a grassroots lead project with neighbors voting to raise taxes in support of it.

"We've been very much city lead, where we want to do this as a city and not getting any private partnership of funding. And I think that's why we're in the financial situation where the streetcar (project) is going because in other places there's been a lot more private funding go in to it," Murray said.

Murray said she also wants to visit cities where streetcar projects have failed so Cincinnati may learn from their mistakes. She's inviting the public to attend the Major Transportation and Regional Cooperational Committee meetings, which she chairs, to get involved as the streetcar project heads forward.

"The first meeting of my committee every month is a streetcar meeting where the executive managers who are working on the streetcar come in and they give us all the A through Z's of the streetcar, how it's doing, is it on time, is it on cost, what are the issues, how we can help," Murray said.

 The next meeting of the Major Transportation and Regional Cooperational Committee is April 1st at 1 p.m. in Council Chambers, Room 300, at City Hall.