(Cincinnati)--Metro Service will be running in Cincinnati on Christmas Day.

Jill Dunne the Public Affairs Manager for Metro says Wednesday service will run like "Sunday or Holiday service hours which just means that its scaled back a little bit, we don’t have the full routs running, but we still have a lot of buses in operation, so we have several hundred bus drivers who are reporting for service on Christmas day."

Not every rout will be run on Wednesday Dunne says as bus service will be “not quite as frequent, we don’t have our Express Routs or our Metro Plus service, those will not be running on Christmas day, but we still have a fair amount of service out on the road so we can still get people were they need to go."

About 200 drivers will hit the streets though out the day Wednesday as Dunne says they don’t expect full ridership on the holiday but "we do still get people who are traveling to the relatives on Metro".

Dunn says the daily fare Wednesday is about $1.75 but that the price is "a really reasonable way to get around its going to cost less than gas if you pay the fare on Metro."