(Cincinnati) -- Last Thursday, City Manager Milton Dohoney released an updated version of his Plan B budget, the alternative needed once the plan to lease the city owned parking facilities was challenged in court.

Since then, the Mayor has made some changes.

Mayor Mark Mallory's version reduces layoffs among police and fire, closes two rec centers, and eliminates funding to outside agencies.  The budget was delivered to City Council today.  They have until the end of the month to make their own changes.

The Mayor's plan reduces the number of firefighter layoffs to 53, and police officers to 49.  But, it comes at a cost.  Outside agencies, like the Center for Closing Health Gap, the Film Commission and the Neighborhood Support Program and the Neighborhood Business District Support Fund lose all the money they've received from the City, for a total of $365,000.   The Mayor has also reduced funding to 3CDC and the Port Authority, and eliminated support for the Regional Chamber of Commerce and the African American Chamber of Commerce, for a savings of $485,000.  Nature Education loses money, and two recreation centers, in Mount Auburn, and Westwood, are closed, for a savings of more than $170,000.

There's also a spending cut for the Mayor's office.  He says he's trimming $32,000, after cutting $88,000 in April. 

Mallory says public safety is the top priority.  He says none of the City's economic development gains can be made without public safety.

There are signs of optimism for the city budget.  Mallory says revenue is about a million dollars more than expected, thanks in part to an improving economy, and because of investments in the City.

The Mayor says his strategy has always been to grow the city's economy.  He says since 2008, 11,000 jobs have been kept in Cincinnati, and they have seen the creation of 9,000 permanent jobs, and 6,400 construction jobs.