(Florence, KY) -- After a nearly nine month long investigation, the Kentucky State Auditor is suggesting major changes to the board that governs the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.

State Auditor Adam Edelen says the current board is set up in a way that raises the risk of political influence over an asset that should benefit the entire region.  He says the airport has a reputation in the industry that is not working to its benefit.

His proposal would give some seats on the board to Boone, Campbell and Hamilton Counties, along with the a seat for the City of Cincinnati, and an appointee from the States of Ohio and Kentucky.  Currently, all 11 board members are appointed by the Judge-Executive of Kenton County.

Edelen says the airport should not be governed by rules created back in the 1940s.

Cincinnati's Mayor says having a reformed board wouldn't guarantee more flights or better prices out of the airport.  But he says it would lead to an airport board that is more responsive to customers in the entire region.  John Cranley says one of the big reasons Chiquita left the Tri-State was a lack of international flights. 

The Kenton County Judge Executive-elect supports the proposed reforms.  Kris Knochelmann says he'll work with Northern Kentucky lawmakers to get a bill crafted, and approved by the Legislature and the Governor.  Knochelmann says sometimes the only way to reform a broken institution, is to start over.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown said on Twitter that since most of the passengers at CVG are from Ohio, Ohio should have some say in its operations.