(Cincinnati) -- It's not a political party, per se, but the Charter Committee has had a major influence on local politics.  Founded to overthrow the political machinery of "Boss Cox", early in the 20th Century, Charter endorsements still carry weight today.

The committee elected new members, and re-elected some existing members this week.

The new board members are:

Greg Landsman, Kari Armbruster, John Eby, Ozie Davis, Matt Jones, Darrick Dansby, Jim Benedict, John Back, Andrew Simon, and Vanessa White.

Re-elected to the board were, President Colin Groth, Arzell Nelson, Lyn Battle, Chuck Downton, Mike Goldman, Marilyn Ormsbee, Marian Spencer, Matt Bourgeois, and Mike Morgan.

Groth says, “We are excited to see such a renewed interest in this movement for good government . We look forward to continuing to put citizenship over partisanship as we begin 2014.”