(Avondale) -- Three people were murdered in Cincinnati overnight; two in Avondale, one in Over-the-Rhine.  Their deaths bring the City's homicide total for 2014 up to five.

Drugs and turf wars are certainly behind some of the violence, but Pastor Ennis Tate says it goes deeper than that.  Tate says those who are behind the shootings have grown up thinking violence is the norm.  He says part of the problem in combatting it has been a lack of consistency in the community's anti-violence message. 

Tate admits anti-violence activists haven't been a proactive as they could be.  He says they need to take their message to communities and groups that haven't been directly affected by shootings, and recruit from there.

Pastor Tate is a member of Ceasefire Cincinnati, and says one thing that would help is more police officers on the streets.  He says the number of officers has been declining, and people need to let City Council know how important the issue is.

But, he still says community involvement is the number one strategy to deal with violence.