(Cincinnati)--A warrant for Aiman Arabeiat's arrest has been issued, after the former restaurant owner was a no show at his sentencing hearing in Hamilton County Court Tuesday.

In 2012 Arabeiat plead guilty to one count of aggravated arson for the fire and explosion at the Jerusalem Café in November of 2011.

Arabeiat was injured suffering second-degree burns in his attempt to start the fire, Prosecutors said he rigged a hot plate to set a paper towel on fire in the empty restaurant. The explosion occurred because Arabeiat poured gasoline in the basement and the vapors ignited.

Police said Arabeiat's son, Amjud, who was waiting outside the Cafe at the time drove Aiman to the hospital.

Amjud, was originally charged with tampering with evidence but plead down to obstruction, and was ordered to pay fines

Aiman Arabeiat had closed the restaurant because of financial problems, he faces up to eight years in prison.