(Cincinnati) -- A planned, protected bike lane along Central Parkway is expected to come before a vote next Wednesday, before City Council.  The lane would separate cyclists from traffic, and was approved by the previous Council.

But, after hearing objections from a business owner, over the loss of on-street parking, Council is reconsidering the lane.  There's a compromise plan on the table.  It takes the bike lane off of Central Parkway for a couple hundred feet, removes about a dozen trees, and onto a widened sidewalk.

Vice Mayor David Mann says while the City Engineer's office, and at least one biking advocacy group have signed off on it, he's not sure if there's enough support on Council to pass it.  And he can't support the bike lane without the compromise, because he says it harms a business that has brought 60 jobs to the neighborhood.

There is also a motion to kill the bike lane altogether.

City Council held a special session Thursday, and plans another on Friday, for the first and second readings of the ordinance.  Unless a majority of Council members vote to suspend the rules, which they haven't in this case, an ordinance must have three readings before it comes up for a vote.