(Dayton, Oh.)--The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force near Dayton, have updated an online virtual tour for online viewers to check out the museum's galleries. The 360-degree, tour features an in-depth look into the museum's Cold War Gallery, airplane cockpits and the Presidential Aircraft Hanger. The museum exhibits explore more than 100 years of military aviation history.

The museum is also highlighting aviation heroes for Black History Month this February.

A self-guided audio tour offers visitors information about events such as the integration of the U.S. Air Force and people such as Eugene Jacques Bullard, the first black fighter pilot in World War I. The museum also plans on expanding the Tuskegee Airmen exhibit in the World War II Gallery, and plan to show the film ``Red Tail Reborn,''. The film features black airmen who joined the war effort as pilots.